Month: October 2013

October 26: The cruise so far…

Besides ROVing many more things happened since we left Tenerife on the 13th. During the 5 days transit we set up things and everyone was trained in all different kinds of gear and procedures in order to carry out multiple

October 25th: Message from Laura

If you have been checking this blog you might wonder why we have been so quiet…it is because we have been working hard on our first sampling site with 24 hour a day operations and constant sampling. For me it

October 24th: Squishing Cups!

Squishing cups! Have you ever seen what happens to polystyrene cups when you sink them to 4km below the surface of the sea?  We gave friends and families a chance to find out! Because of the hydrostatic pressure of water

19th October: Getting Ready

Getting ready! Our first site is about 5 days away from Tenerife. Before arriving at the site needed everything to be ready, so over the past few days we have all played a hand in setting up the different labs

15th October: Sponges!

Did you know that some creatures can make their skeletons out of glass? It never fails to amaze me!  My name is Kate Hendry, and I’m a research scientist at the University of Bristol who specialises in understanding the chemistry

11th October 2013: Welcome Aboard

11th October 2013: Welcome Aboard Over the past several days members of the JC904 science team have been arriving in the city of Santa Cruz on Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. Santa Cruz was the ship’s last port


Flickr photostream is now up and running! Click the link below:

10th October: RRS James Cook

10th October 2013: RRS James Cook On Thursday and Friday of last week, a group of the scientists who will take part in the expedition travelled down to Southampton to load the ship (see previous blog for details). For myself and several

YouTube is up and running!

Check out our YouTube site for videos documenting our voyage across the Equatorial Atlantic.